A father competes with his brilliant son in a verbal game of wits. The game turns into a duel and takes over their lives.

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A game of wits drives a novel of suspense that weaves present-day action with the American frontier.  THE GAMEMAKERS FATHER is told through emotionally charged relationships of strong willed characters—Zachary Boldt, his wife Rebecca and their brilliant son Nate.

Zachary and Nate fight through traffic in their beat-up pickup truck and play The Game—a verbal sparring match of the boy’s own design. Nate’s game is unique. What’s done can’t be undone so nobody can control the story or its consequences. The Game is the story and the story is The Game.

Father and son run each other through a maze of increasingly dangerous challenges and Zachary soon learns that he needs all his experience to compete with the little genius. Through a struggle of wills, they carve out a historically accurate world in the Wisconsin frontier of 1830 that becomes as real as life and death.

Zachary dazzles his boy with backwoods technology—canoe building, a blacksmith shop, frontier medicine, black powder rifles, fishing and hunting. The Game escalates into suspense, murder and mystery.

Rebecca tries to stop The Game but Zachary ramps up the intensity. His goal is to teach his boy to be a man. Rebecca has a different idea how to raise their son. An independent businesswoman who fiercely defends her young, she directly confronts her powerful husband. To Rebecca, every day is a gift. To Zachary, every man is an opponent. Meanwhile, Nate works to soften his father, who has never expressed his love to the boy.

THE GAMEMAKER’S FATHER blends suspense with accurate backwoods technology and the modern human drama of a family’s struggle to save one man.

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