Brazil from WikipediaThe City of Broad Shoulders is looking to the south. South of 119th street. South of Springfield. South of Mexico. Way south.

They’re looking to Brazil where GDP is 6th worldwide and growing. And consumer confidence? Up. Infrastructure investment? On the rise. Interest rates? Decreasing. Unemployment? Only 5.6%.

And Brazil encourages business growth: An open-door trade policy. Aggressively lower tariffs. Lower taxes. Their complex regulatory environment is getting easier to navigate. Not surprisingly, international investment is moving to Brazil.



This is the 2nd International Forum of IERG — The Intenational Executives Resouces Group—a one-of-a-kind organization—a not-for-profit group made up of volunteers—senior business executives from around the world whose careers have been enriched by broad experience in the global arena. And no economic mumbo jumbo at this conference. Everything’s solid. Everybody comes away with a better understanding of what it takes to do business in Brazil

Brazil is the world’s 5th largest economy and Illinois’ fifth-largest export market. In 2011, they bought more than $2.55 billion of our goods and we could do a lot more. Even our politicians are taking junkets there.

Think of it as Chicago’s new SOUTH South Side.



  • The honorable Paulo Camargo, Consulate General of Brazil in Chicago
  • Ernesto Ramon, former CEO, Dow Chemical in Brazil
  • Michael Ross, VP & General Manager, Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Dr. Yara deAndrade
  • Roland Dietz, Chicago Chairperson, IERG

MODERATOR: Bruce Montgomery, Executive Producer, IERG

LOCATION: The Chicago offices of Baker & McKenzie


Brazil ClubIERG logo.

This summary is adapted from an article by Brazil Club with permission of IERG. For the full text, go to –


Brazil Club –



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  1. Wow I love that you featured Constanza she is aamnizg, very old school bourgeois though. (Some) Se3o Paulo women are like that, in Rio it’s much much more laid back. I never forgot that I once read she used to sleep with her make-up on so her partner would never see her without it. She’s soooo chic!

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