A couple articles back, I pointed out that drama encompasses human change and I cited Scrooge. Little did I know that real change would be visited upon me so soon after writing those words. New Years is upon us—a time to celebrate the year and dedicate ourselves to personal transformation that makes for a good life, not just good drama.

It was three days ago, Christmas night—Christmas night, mind you—a time when love and gratitude settle on us and we reflect upon good family times. Not me. I returned home stewing in anger over the outrageous attitudes, words, and actions of another family member.

It’s difficult to confront a person like me, but my son wouldn’t leave me in that state. Instead, he drew me into conversation with my wife and daughter in what might be termed an “intervention.” They gave up their happy Christmas night to do it. How do you respond when people tell you the Truth? Do you recognize it when you hear it? If so, can you face it? If so, can you act on it?

They laid out the situation in irrefutable logic. They made their case and made it well. They put in the time needed to convince me. Their conclusions weren’t the ones I’d been harboring in my heart, yet I had to agree with their verdict. How could I deny it? Guilty. Guilty as charged.

Intervention is an invasive, painful process. The incisions and sutures still hurt as I write these words, three days later. But because of the strength of those three dear ones, I made it right with a beloved family member. Our relationship is healed. Years of anger look like foolishness to me. Understanding has replaced outrage.

God bless my wife and kids. God bless them for this Christmas gift and this New Year.

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