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19 responses to “Reviews

  1. Jim Kren—Chicago Venture Magazine

    A game of wits – A novel of suspense. A warmhearted thriller. A masterpiece with heartfelt conflict and strong characters. A must-read.

    James W Kren

  2. Robert Page

    I’m about 50 pages from the end of the book and feeling sort of sad that it’s almost over…You must have done lots of research or you have sheer genius inside you. I’ve been reading a book by Leif Enger titled “Peace Like a River” and your writing style reminds me of that one.

    [Author’s note – Robert Page is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist–The Kent State Shootings.]

  3. Les Stobbe

    In my experience, your treatment of The Game is unique.

    Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency

  4. Gregg Patz

    Your novel is readable and entertaining. When the book rolls off the presses I want an autographed copy.

    [Author’s Note – Gregg Patz is an outdoorsman, professional copywriter and author of numerous novels]

  5. Kathy Kirk

    It was easy to read, and drew me in with action scenes and description of life in the 1830′s.

  6. Gerry Souter

    I love the concept of your novel, a father and son using a game to overcome barriers between them.

    [Author’s note – Gerry Souter is the author of over 20 novels, scripts and screenplays.]

  7. Kayliana Wesby

    I’m fascinated by the whole issue of a father trying to teach his son to be a man and what that means.

  8. Peter Gault

    Father/son relationships are unique…John, I’m very thankful…You’ve opened my eyes to the relationship I have with my own dad.

  9. Robert Page

    You have captured the way it was for me growing up. My dad never complimented me. It seemed to be a rule of thumb that a compliment would immediately breed arrogance and pride. Yet all of us are desperate to have someone believe in us.

    [Authors Note – Robert Page is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist–The Kent State Shootings]

  10. Theresa Roy

    I think you have touched on a significant issue for boys and their fathers. Thank you for addressing this soul issue and deep wound that too many disregard and even shun. May your book inspire healing for all boys and men.

  11. Pamela Binnins Ewen

    Your book hits a hot social topic. Many kids today are lost in a world of video games. Their friends are avatars. The Game in your novel presents a unique form of communication between parents and kids.

    [Author’s Note – Pamela Binnins Ewen is the author of The Secret of the Shroud, Dancing on Glass, The Moon in the Mango Tree, and Faith on Trial.]

  12. Eugene Lerner

    Tell your agent that you pre-sold a copy. I’m a buyer.

  13. Jim Kren

    John, those are excellent videos. The rough style reminds me of the “man on the street” news interviews from many years ago. But in this case, what they say is profound.

  14. Melissa Hart

    Everybody that reads the book will love it.

  15. Melissa Hart

    The story kept winding up and got so intense I couldn’t sleep. Wow! I’m recommending this book to all my friends.

  16. Janet Case

    I love it. Straight from the heart.

  17. Lauryn Keyes

    Loved your storytelling, John. Read the second half of the book in one sitting-could not put it down. I got lost in both the worlds you created!

  18. I finished reading your book last week–I loved it! I couldn’t put it down. There were several nights where I stayed up until 1am reading your beautifully written book. I cried in at least two parts and I loved how you drew us into the characters. Zachary and Nate had me pulling for each of them. You intermingled life, love, marriage, relationships, faith and so much more like a master weaver of an exquisite tapestry. I can’t wait to read your next novels!

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