Recently I went through a thought-provoking learning experience that’s kept me working till 3:00-4:00 a.m. for weeks since.  The ACFW—the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Indianapolis.  First, let me call it the best organized conference in my experience.  Great workshops.  All genres.  Wonderful people.  High profile speakers.  Terrific food.  You might say I enjoyed myself.

Teri Blackstock’s class on suspense marched along like an action novel with no wasted words, packed with content.  In another class, I sat next to Pamela Binnings Ewen—I didn’t recognize her—and she brought to light a hot-button social issue in my novel.  I spent a lot of good time with my agent, who treated sixteen of us to a wonderful dinner.  I met the editors who make decisions about my manuscript.  The camaraderie at all levels struck me.  Everything upbeat, no raw competition—everybody working toward the same goal.

So what’s kept me up so late?  Excitement.  The challenge.  I revised my entire fiction proposal—all 77 pages, re-edited my novel, began work on my next and created five additional websites.

I almost didn’t go to that event, but my agent nearly twisted my arm out of its socket.  I am so thankful for his encouragement.  Next year it’s held in St. Louis.  Need I say, I recommend it?   Come and be challenged!


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3 responses to “CHALLENGE

  1. Janet Case

    I went two years ago. You make me wish I’d been there.

  2. Jim Kren

    Hey, I was there. Where were you?

    • Having a whale of a good time. Sorry I missed meeting you–and Janet, there’s always next year. I think you can still order the PowerPoint and audio of all the presentations.

      Maybe we should all wear some sort of tag or symbol on our name badges so we can recognize each other.

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