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Question Markby Howard Tullman

How the First Apprentice Winner Became an Entrepreneur

(No, The Donald Didn’t Help):

Bill Rancic readily admits he wasn’t the smartest guy on the show. But in his subsequent career, he has become very smart about getting the most out of the people around him. Continue reading

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Impact Engine – Part 3

John Jonelis

Verbatim transcript from a special correspondent

Impact EngineLoop Lonagan here at IMPACT ENGINE Investors Day. I got an exciting report on the education of our kids. This’s real interesting stuff—and real important. Ever’body knows dat education is the difference between living in poverty and not. To tell the truth, maybe I didn’t pay so much attention when I was in school. But that’s the whole point. Lotsa kids in dis country is fallin’ behind the world bigtime Continue reading

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Recently I went through a thought-provoking learning experience that’s kept me working till 3:00-4:00 a.m. for weeks since.  The ACFW—the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Indianapolis.  First, let me call it the best organized conference in my experience.  Great workshops.  All genres.  Wonderful people.  High profile speakers.  Terrific food.  You might say I enjoyed myself. Continue reading


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This response from J KIRSCH strikes me as so profound that I am reproducing it here:

This post brings up an interesting conundrum: why does fiction sometimes equal or transcend the ability of nonfiction to touch someone? People see a headline or a paragraph and are able to distance themselves from a real tragedy. On the other hand have that person read their favorite novel in which they lose a major character and they feel real sadness. Continue reading


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