Roya FetovaA Crowd Sourced Novel

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Back in the car, Tony de-briefed with Roya.

“What do you mean you whacked them both? I told you to get them out of the way.” Roya chewed her lower lip. “This is not good.”

Tony felt a distinct annoyance at her shrill tone. Two clean hits. What was the problem? “Hey, that’s what I do, okay? And what’s the risk? Nobody can recognize me in this banker’s suit. Grey. Bald. I look like a 50-year-old businessman.”

“Tony, I want Grasso and his mob—not a war with Vegas.”

Didn’t this gal understand the power plays that went on between mobs? “Listen little girl: Aldo Gionelli is close family out in sin city. Killing him might get that group to pull back. That’s what you want, right?”

Roya didn’t respond.

“I stuffed the bodies in the dumpster. We can go right up to the office like you wanted.”

Roya pulled away from the curb. “No Tony, as it is now you’re going in alone. Next time do exactly as I say. Now I want you to see Desi Grasso personally and set an appointment with him for tomorrow morning at 9 am. Here’s your ID.”

Tony opened the black leather wallet, glanced at the credit cards, the driver’s license, the business cards. Conservative. Nice embossed lettering. He studied his name—Anthony Dmitri, Investment Counselor. “This says our office is in the Aon Building. Nice real estate.”

“We’re renting it by the hour. When you talk to Desi, just try to sound like an educated man. No tough stuff. Give the air of big money. And Tony—don’t threaten—don’t kill—no matter what. Just invite him to the meeting. Be polite.”

Her phone rang and she listened for a moment. “Tatiana, you’re hysterical. Take some deep breaths…Yes, I’ll send a lawyer and see what I can do at my end…No, don’t you do anything—don’t say anything, not a word…He’ll be there soon…I’m sorry Tat, but these things happen. Try not to attach so much importance to it…Okay later.”

Roya snapped the phone closed. “Be respectful, Tony. You’re making a friendly visit—delivering an invitation. Make it cordial. If he asks how you got in, just say his employees gave you some resistance and leave it at that. He’ll find the bodies soon enough.” She squinted at him. “Think you can pull that off.”

“Yeah, sure.”

She grinned. “After your pleasant talk, the sight of those bodies will put him into a tailspin. He’ll believe he’s out of his depth. I think we can turn Desi against his uncle Uomo with the right combination of fear and greed. Remember, we’re putting on a front and you’re my ambassador.” She pulled up to the curb in front of Desi’s electronics shop. “Can you handle the lock?”

Tony glance at her from under his brows and said nothing.

“All right, Mr. Businessman. The show is on. Get in, get out, and walk away. Call me with a pickup location.”

Tony climbed out of the car.

What happens next? TAKE YOUR TURN

HOW TO PLAY–This is an interactive novel. Tell me what comes next. I’ll try to fit it in.

1.) IT’S EASY – Just enter an idea, such as: “their jeep drives off a cliff.”

2.) KEEP IT CLEAN – In general, if it wouldn’t fly in a 60’s Bond flick, then it’s out.

3.) SHARE – If I publish, I’ll list contributors prominently. I take you at your word that all ideas are your original thoughts.

© 2011 John Jonelis – All Rights Reserved


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5 responses to “ROYA FETOVA – 24

  1. Melissa Hart

    OK great. That saves Roya for me.

  2. Janet Case

    It’s interesting and very real that Tony reverts to his old ways, even though he’s working for the other side. A good study in human nature.

  3. Bill Blaire

    Don’t forget Frank. That FBI guy took him to the capital for some reason.

  4. Jim Kren

    This is a lot better. Now insert Frank in the Russian mob in New York.

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