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Roya FetovaA Crowd Sourced Novel

Read it here – Say what comes next.

Back in the car, Tony de-briefed with Roya.

“What do you mean you whacked them both? I told you to get them out of the way.” Roya chewed her lower lip. “This is not good.” Continue reading


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Roya FetovaRoya Fetova

A Crowdsourced Novel

Read it here – Say what comes next.

Stan Harris checked his service revolver and slipped his arms into his suit coat on the way out the building. The back seat of the Crown Vic made almost enough room for his big frame and he settled back while Special Agent Paul Schneider steered the car into traffic, then handed back a phone. Harris still refused to carry one. “St. Louis on the line, Stan.”

Harris took a deep breath before raising the phone to his face. “Sammy? Stan. No, I’m on my way to Joliet Airport to check on some dead mobsters. You got that St. Louis gravel truck shooting covered?” Continue reading


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