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Tahiti TBy Mark T Wayne

“He’s in Tahiti,” says Loop Lonagan. “Dat’s where Jonelis is. Them guys at Heartland Angels oughta know.”

Speaking strictly for myself, I see no excuse for a man like Lonagan and place no weight on his opinions. I may fire him—I have not yet decided. After all, Jonelis ain’t here. He announced a sabbatical and disappeared. That is correct, sir! I am in charge! That is my hat on the hook. Those are my boots resting on the WWII Air Force desk. I will take this opportunity to exercise my power as I see fit. Any fool that criticizes my splendid white suit or magnificent mustache may face instant dismissal! Continue reading


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Roya  Fetova

A Crowdsourced Novel
Read it here – Say what comes

Desi leaned back further in his leather chair in the waiting room of Ivan & Associates alternately turning pages in his Playboy magazine and glancing at the magnificent view of the city. He rested his feet on the ottoman. Uncle Uomo was too cheap to let him even talk about an office in this building. Continue reading


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Life is precious.  That’s my best response to the unanswerable question, “What place does murder have in fiction?”  A few thoughts— Continue reading


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