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John Jonelis

 – VERBATIM from a special correspondent –

Albert EinsteinDonatas Ludditis reporting but you can call me Don. Today I hop train to Chicago Ogilvie station and take elevator to meeting way up in tall skyscraper. Is raining hard outside but I no care. I no go out in rain. I just get off train and take elevator to meeting. It is in same building!

And they treat me like king here! You should eat such food! Maybe they think Einstein come back from the grave—I dunno. People say I look just like him. As a young man I yusta hate people calling me that and I break some noses. Some legs too, maybe. Now I smile. Carry his picture in wallet. Tell them he is my big brother. Continue reading

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A colleague stuck his dictation in my DropBox account. I transcribe it here, verbatim:

EMRLoop Lonagan here. This is a story about new tech that’s gonna clobber every one of us in our most secret and private worlds. And we can’t duck it. It’s already started and we’re gonna hafta live with whatever we get. Tonight I hear two highly placed speakers talk about how to do it the right way. The speakers figure there’s a big opportunity here, too. Continue reading

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