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Roya Fetova

A Crowdsourced Novel

Read it here – Say what comes next.

At the sound of the door, Desi Grasso glanced from his computer and then looked again in earnest. A well-tailored businessman stood in the open doorway. Bald. Glasses. Old, yet he looked fit. How did this guy get past the guards? How did he get inside and reach the second floor of the shop without tripping the alarm? The thought of how that might happen sent an instant chill up Desi’s spine but he determined not to show fear. “Who the hell are you?” Continue reading


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Many kids today are lost in destructive video games. Their friends are avatars. They spend less time relating to others and develop fewer skills to do so. Many become isolated, especially from the family unit, and deftly block parents from their world. That isolation can lead to depression and destructive behavior. A father and mother are disarmed—unable to bond with their kids—helpless to guide them during those precious years. Continue reading


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How can games connect people on a unique level?

Games are a form of interaction, challenge and mental stimulation.  People play games to teach, for relationship, or just for fun.

A board game or a card game has structure, but some games do not.  Some have no rules.  Think about the verbal manipulation a child uses to get his way.

What if a game becomes the primary communication tool between two people?  Is that healthy?  Continue reading


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How does a mother influence her husband’s negative message to their son?

This situation is poison for a family.  The father may be abusive or alcoholic.  On the other hand, he may be well-meaning, wanting to teach his son—but he teaches all the wrong things.  The consequences can be devastating to a boy and last his entire life. Continue reading


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