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help-t-ms-officeIT Guys—Stop Playing Defense

by Howard Tullman

Not feeling enough love? Yes, techies are under appreciated until spit hits fan. But if you’re one of them, you’ve got a bigger role to play than you think. Here are three ways to raise your profile. Continue reading

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The Story of Ray Markman-Part 13

Friday, 5:00 pm – The Conclusion

Ray MarkmanIt’s 5pm at the Union League Club. We crowd into a squash court, not a boxing ring, and close the door. This is a private fight between Alexander Harbinger PhD and Loop Lonagan, man-about-town. That’s right—two of my colleagues and best friends are about to beat each other senseless. And I’m here to enjoy every second of it. Continue reading

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How can games connect people on a unique level?

Games are a form of interaction, challenge and mental stimulation.  People play games to teach, for relationship, or just for fun.

A board game or a card game has structure, but some games do not.  Some have no rules.  Think about the verbal manipulation a child uses to get his way.

What if a game becomes the primary communication tool between two people?  Is that healthy?  Continue reading


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