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PB&J T-JAJAdapted from the Journal of the Heartland Angels

Part 1 – by John Jonelis

Is an Angel a fool?

In the world of private equity investing, the order of funding is supposed to go like this:

  • Seed Round—that’s friends, family, and fools.
  • Angel Round—that’s funding the big initial spurt of growth.
  • Venture Round—that’s big funding for massive scaling.

Compare that stack-of-three (above) to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Notice that Angels make up the good stuff in the middle.  And yes—according to studies by the Kauffman Foundation—Angels make the best money. Continue reading

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Roya Fetova

A Crowdsourced Novel

Read it here – Say what comes next.

Agent Harris scowled at his subordinate. “Send that kid back to whatever school he came from.” Used to be the outfit held to regular standards. Now they sent these experts. None of ‘em worth their fat fees and now a green kid. Continue reading

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