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The Story of Ray Markman – Part 8

John Jonelis

Ray Markman“A turnaround guy uses the same skillset as an entrepreneur.” – Loop Lonagan

Friday, 4:00 pm

All alone at the office. The hour of the big duel getting near.  I’m frantically digging through my cardboard box of files and memorabilia on Ray Markman and find this:

Ray has it good in his dream job at Leo Burnett, but he leaves for a new role at McCann Erickson. 

Why does he do a thing like that?  Sure, it’s one of top five agencies but he always wanted to work for Leo Burnett.  Why does he leave his dream job? Continue reading


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The Story of Ray Markman – Part 4

by John Jonelis

Ray Markman

 Friday, 2:30 pm

We’re sitting across my battered WWII Air Force desk digging out the history of Ray Markman. Alexander Harbinger’s argument that Ray isn’t a pure entrepreneur seems pretty well shot to pieces. Loop Lonagan told some amazing stories about risk ventures and I think Alex is squirming a bit, but I want to hear what he’s turned up before these two beat each other senseless at the duel scheduled for five o’clock today. So I put it to him.

“Yess,” he says. “I did find quite ze important story about Mr. Markman. To me, it iss poignant und highly significant. It illustrates not only his personality but ze way he affected people around him.”
Continue reading

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