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20160402_143634-JAJ TLoop Lonagan—Verbatim

What if y’could combat starvation by producin’ yer own meat ‘n potatoes—and do it right at da local food bank? Hey, I’m lookin’ at a real working prototype here.  What about a solution to student debt?  Or, maybe fer yer next birthday party, ever’body plays laser tag with drones?  Or learns music real fast?  Or gets a little help rememberin’ stuff.  I can use summa that. Continue reading

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How does a father deal with a more-intelligent son?

Say the boy is twelve, going to a gifted school, with an IQ around 180 and just a touch of autism—but precocious.  He’s a nice kid and respectful, but one of his missing pieces is that he thinks everybody knows everything he knows and he doesn’t understand when they don’t.  He reads Crime and Punishment and studies Calculus.  He skims through a light novel in one evening.  He knows what his dad is about to say before the words are formed. Continue reading


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