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Sandee 15TTechbash – Part 5

John Jonelis

This is a story about raw love. Tough. Rugged. Unashamed.

I’m at i.c.stars—the premier social incubator in Chicago—and I find myself a bit overwhelmed by it all. I stop in to thank Sandee Kastrul, their President and Co-founder and she pours me some hot coffee.

“I think,” She says, “that at the end of the day, there are three things that you should know about us:

  • We’re positioned as an opportunity, not a charity.
  • Rather than exploit our interns, we exploit our CIOs.
  • We’re funded by the technology industry—not the government.

Those seem to me rather interesting assertions for a social venture. But she goes on to explain: Continue reading

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Thomas EdisonTechBash – Part 4

John Jonelis

I‘m at Chicago’s premier social incubator – i.c.stars. Fresh faces of their current crop of interns rim this boardroom-sized table. All neat. All professional. As the tea makes its rounds, I hear well-crafted introductions. Mannerly. In-depth. Heartfelt. Spoken by people who have known each other during months of intense struggle. It’s more like introducing family than business associates. Continue reading


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I’ve been reflecting on a difficult subject—admitting wrongdoing, as outlined in my previous post. People don’t like it. That’s normal. There are those who will admit fault after it’s been proven in a logical manner beyond all reasonable doubt. Others require a defining event. Some will never admit wrongdoing. We all know people who will continue an argument, knowing they are in the wrong.

The problem becomes acute when the person in the wrong is the head of the family. Continue reading

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